All Red Reserved: Colors A Sign Of Nature’s Creativity

I love to all spatula am wondering how can make it by everyone. Without colours we can’t imagine the view. But in the world many peoples distribute the colour for ominous and fortunate. So I choose this title for bridal colors according to indian trend. All Red Reserved for marriage means red is pure bridal color when a bride think about to get ready in wedding, the first think come in her mind red is best. Of course! Red give cute look to her. It is use by goddess. But via this think some buddies deem the colors is may be ominous and good. It is lie. every color is good for use. it is you decide that which color you like for your. All complexion are good for use if your think is well.
Yeah! Red orange pink is bridal color it is presage then why we forget that white black blue is groom color. A man and a women both are in pavilion so if black color is ominous than both are effected by it and if red color is presage than both are effected also because peoples think color is effecting of luck, its all about traditionally and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is distinguished to a particular society so how can a color be ominous when the black of widows makes a woman more prettier, and when the red of brides makes a woman beautiful. its all when worn under the eyes. Why allotment the color surpassing and ominous.
While white black in itself is a most pretty common colour to find in real life clothing that we use on birthday and in daily routine, college dress, school uniform, office wear. Why black or white is don’t use by hindus on good occasion like wedding day and in house warming ceremony etc. I don’t know what the reason of it but damn on them who hate some colors to let ominous it.
Its all depend on society or our mood that which color we choose for our occasion it is not related to any color’s importance. If any color is ominous than its effect to be on every buddy, color is dont know that who is user Mohammedans, hindu, christian and bridal or widow. Color is dont know that she is a bride or widow, for knowing this we dispense the colors. So we shouldn’t execrate any color.
Every color have special reason for use like hindu brahmin rajput rajpurohit and many cast let white black and green color are not good but these same color are good for another cast like for Mohammedans green and black color is good, black color is use in burqa for mohammedans that is use for safty of muslim girls and white color is a bridal color for christian they worn white gowns on wedding day. In banjara cast widows is use dark pink and dark maroon color odani but this color is pure bridal color so guys is all about in mind no one color is ominous. Every color is art of nature, a gift for us.
Rainbow have 7 colors which showing by nature: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Sun, moon, stars, sky, dust, flowers, nature all have different-2 colours in world. Lot of colours is available in beautiful world. Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Maroon, Violet, Teal, Beige, Bistre, Brass, Burnt Orange, Tomato, Silver, Sky Blue , Slate grey, Sea Green, Saffron, Lime, Lime green, Magenta, Rose, Royal blue, Royal purple, Ruby, Purple, Navy Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Copper, Crean, Cyan, magenta, blood red and more complexion are look beautiful. So guys by temperament the good or bad incident befall with us please don’t decide the particular color for any one. Enjoy spatula: A gift by nature’s creativity.


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