Difference between Wish and Dream

My all Dearest and Respected Buddies,

Now I enjoying the vacations so I thought I should share it with my all friends because I did work more for my dream, now it come true so I’m build some new dream with holiday enjoyment. I ever want my work be finished quickly but that not possible without hardwork so take to all this situation I did feel difference between wish and dream. Both have more differences:

We can good wishes for any one but we can see any dream for only those who important for us.

Wish is complete by luck but Dream is complete by hardwork and luck also.

Broken wishes gives more hurtness but broken dream gives more craze hopes and strength.

Both are future’s things but we think about it in present via our past days work for future’s plan of life. We dreaming or we wishing for ahead days and sometime for this we forget that how to live life with enjoyment. We worrying now for complete to wish and dream why not we enjoying our present. For all these sometime we forget to our families member that what they want to us so guys you should focus on career with your wish and dream but in all these don’t forget that how to live life. Every body want to complete self wish and dream and for this they all do more hardwork, yeah! its good but you should take some rest in daily routine job, you should spend some time with your friends and family.
Hi, buddies life is too short so enjoy every moment but in short life we have unlimited space in moment gallery and unlimited data for save memory. Live life as no limitations no expectations no boundary no machinery. Make your self so pure where no need of promises no need of societies. Take life like as camera, capture all moment, good enter save another enter delete. Its important for growing strength that we build dream but never forget it ever comes true by hardwork. May be Dream come true by wishes but Wish cannot come true by dream.
Hope your all dreams come true and all wishes complete.


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