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Heya! My All Dears, We all handle many situations in life like as good, bad and sad situations. Eeveryone learns a new thing from his/her situation and I never forget to learn of my time, so here I share with you my quotes which I posted on my facebook id on that  moment when I did feel good, bad, sad, happy, confident etc.

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Help to needy, don’t help to selfish. Give something to well one, don’t give to selfish. All of these after a time it gives more hurt to our heart so don’t give anything to a selfish.

Don’t waste your time giving someone a second chance, When there is someone better out there waiting for there first. “Go Ahead For Second Chance If First One Was Gone. ‘May be that take more time to come back or may be never come.'”

Solve problems Don’t Leave problems. Ever Stop problems Never Forward problem. Live without problem With-Others Don’t Create Problem.

We have many ways of going forward on that way which can’t get direct. For this don’t stop your journey go ahead. Take turn and turn which moving on that way. One day you will get that.

Which is Away from us by self decision: We should Remove them from our Things and Mind.

“One Must Always Be Different In All Style”

Bad Word Haven’t Teeth But Bites, Good Word Haven’t Opportunity But Give Strengths.

Everyone wants that dream to be true but a dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it comes true through determination and hard work.

Lets do all thing that you want, but don’t forget your nearest person who did something for you when you was in any trouble & also that moment which gives you learn of time.

I don’t know the word ‘quit’. Either I never did, or I have abolished. For happiness:- Do struggle not for find top success, rather for value who we build in our dream.

Do better from someone and Do better of someone.

The only way to do Great Work is to Love what you do.

Narrow mind is too run after matter solving. They will Think through which reason it to be solved and again they will create a problem so don’t try to understand them if you will try to understand to them then that will again think why they are understanding to me, Are they blame to me ?. In this way will fine that we live far from them.

Heart is same like as a glass, if it is break one time then never can stick and may be it is stick then it have a rift forever, so always care for your family’s all hearts because without them’s happiness we never can be happy…….

Love is blind. So first of all examine the person from which you are going to love them having ability to full fill love requirements from better way.

If you injures from EGO then left it because the EGO is a small 3 letter word which can destroy the 12 letter word: RELATIONSHIP. EGO(Greed emptiness Oncoming)= Destroy(0)*RELATIONSHIP(Reality, Eclectic, Life, Adaptable-habit, Thinking-power, Increasingly, Our, Natural, Sociality, Health, Intelligence, Partnership)

Only Dad’s Love Is Pure and Unexpectable In The World Although We Have love and care of Friends Husband/Wife Bf/Gf Family Members But In That Ever To Be Some Expectation, without any Gain and Need No One Can Give Love To Us Like as Dad Give to his Son/Doughter………

अपनी कमियों को गिनने की बजाए अपनी खूबियों को देखना सीखें क्यूंकि आप जैसा अपने बारे में विचारधारा रखेंगे, वैसे ही दुसरे आपके बारे में सोचेंगे :  believe on your strengths instead weaknesses because as you will keep thinking about yourself, same the other will think about you.

जो दूसरों की बातों में आके फैसला ले उसकी बात को दिल पे लेके दुखी होना व्यर्थ हैं : Worthless is to be sad to take them talk on our heart, who take decision by things of others.

The Day After Tomorrow How Will Be, We Don’t Know Enjoy Today Because Its Only And Only Be Today, Its Never Will Come Again So Enjoy Every Moment Of Life Of Us, Jilo Dil Se Jo Aaj H Kal Nahi Hoga…Bite Kal Ke Bare Me soch Ke aaj kyu kharab kare or aane Vale kal ke bare me soch ke aaj kyu kharab kare… Aaj jo Hain, kal nhi tha, kal nhi hoga, Jilo Aaj ko Enjoy Every Day Of life… Say to Heart Today Is Mine.

Dhaage Ne Khudko Kho Diya Jin Motio Ko Pirone Me,  Unhi Motio Ko Gurur H Apni Tarif Ka.

Jane Do Kya Karoge Meri Dastaan Sun Kar… Kamoshie Tum Samajhoge Nahi Or Bayaan HumSe Hoga Nahi.

Reality is not need to proof. It lost while counting fake peoples who live around us.

Thank you for your love and care.



6 thoughts on “My Memorable Quotes

  1. Help to needy, don’t help to selfish. Give something to well one, don’t give to selfish. All of these after a time it gives more hurt to our heart so don’t give anything to a selfish. GREAT LINE OF LIFE!

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