Floral Jewellery Fashion Trends For Wedding Function

Hello! Floral Lovers,

The flower is let prosperous for marriage occasion. Even providential is too embellish by flower. If you love natural things and want to get marriage in nature’s thing or don’t like heavy jewellery then floral jewellery is give you surpassing look on your special day. You can use the floral ornament on any day in wedding functions like as Mehandi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Haldi Ceremony. Also you can use it on your engagement day and wedding reception.

Flower is my favorite natural thing when I see any flower then automatically a think comes in my mind wow… how much it beautiful. My name is also a synonyms of flower(in hindi language: suman means flower) and flower is such a amazing beautiful thing of nature on earth. The floral jewelry designs have many kinds you can use the fresh floral jewelry on your special day. This trendy season is also of floral fashion not only golden jewelry or diamond jewelry. For kids floral accessories is best in any function. So you should try it if you love natural make-up and beauty.

Floral Jewellery Designes:




Get Simple Natural Look In Fress Floral Jewellery:



Get Ready In Floral Jewellery For Haldi Ceremony:


Get Ready In Floral Jewellery For Mehandi Ceremony


Get Ready In Floral Jewellery For Wedding Reception:


Get Ready In Floral Jewellery For Engagement:


Floral Braid Hairstyle:


Flower which to be use for making floral jewellery:

Ashoka, surajmukhi, Nag-Kesar, peer flowers, Jarul, All colors roses, Galgota, Ranawara, mogra, Genda, Golden-shower-tree, Wax-Flower, Glory-lily, Night-flowering-Jasmine, Neeti-Kaluva, Lilium-candidum, Siroi-lily, Foxtail-Orchids, dahila, Lotus and more kinds of flower uses for making good design of floral jewellery.

Ashoka   surajmukhi

Nag-Kesar   peer_flower

Jarul   rose

Galgota   Ranawara

mogra   Genda

Golden-shower-tree   Wax-Flower

Glory-lily   Night-flowering-Jasmine

Neeti-Kaluva   Lilium-candidum

Siroi-lily  Foxtail-Orchids

dahila   Lotus







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